#All-Outs: It’s time to Step-Up

Dreams and desires never bring us the results we crave for; it is, indeed, our actions that do. As W. Clement Stone said,

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.”

No matter what you want, how strong your desire is, how much will you have to achieve it, and how sound and strategic your plan is, you’ll have zero chances of getting there unless you marry them with the necessary action—period. This is a simple, but undeniable truth.

#LastMan on the MOON

“Dream the impossible — and go out and make it happen. I walked on the moon. What can’t you do?”

Those were the simple, yet powerful words of the man who left the earth three times and walked the moon twice and today remembered as “The Last man on the Moon,” the title he held for four decades (‘… too long’ in his own words) and yet to be rewritten – NASA Astronaut Eugene ‘Gene’ Cernan.

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#One: The Power of One Individual and One Lifetime

Although most often our past predicts our future, I refuse to believe that our future always equals our past. Bear in mind that… it’s what you Think, Feel, and Do today that determines your future or tomorrow.

No matter what part of the world you live in and what stage of your life you are in now, just remember these two words – ‘it’s possible’. What ever you are now you can #DoMore, #HaveMore, and #GetMore as long as you believe that it’s possible, take all the necessary action, and stay in the game through the end.

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Your #LastStep is as important as your #FirstStep!

Water (H2O) is hot @ 211F- so much heat and energy is needed to reach that point, but that boiling water turns into STEAM, the power that can move a ton of load, only @ 212F. Without that last degree of energy, ‘from 211F to 212F,’ there is no question of #Transformation of ‘water into steam’ and certainly no chance of unfolding all that magical-locomotive-power encrypted in it.

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#FailureIsAnOption… #Don’tOptIn!

Weather we admit or not, both #Success and #Failure are the options on the shelf – two inseparable sides of the same coin. This may sound counter intuitive to those who don’t want to give the failure a chance and just want to give their best and keep success as the only option. But, when you get into the ring to play the #GameOfLife and your #RealityCheck bounces you’ll be startled only to find yourself in a whole new paradigm. Read more

#MIH – Just… Make-It-Happen, period!

Following the crowd, walking the path that everyone walking, and going places that all are heading towards is #TheNorm. It doesn’t take much of an effort, courage, or creativity to do so. But, what if that’s not you want to do. And, what if… Read more

#S.E.A.T. of Success

You read a lot, hear a lot, talk a lot, and the worst of all get lectured a lot about #Success lately.

But, out of ton of forces pulling you in million different directions – you might be wondering:

  • What really matters the most?
  • Where do I put all my stakes?
  • What should I care about the most?

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