Meet Dr. Katipally

It all starts with a simple dream…

With a humble beginning in a tiny village, Dr. Bhoja R. Katipally completed his medical training in India and moved to the United States to pursue his dreams. The challenges he faced, the moments of uncertainty he tackled, and the difficulties he overcame in more than a decade in America are not very different from those faced by millions of his fellow immigrants in this land of opportunity. What makes him special is his personal mission to add value to others by sharing his experiences and wisdom and offering his expertise to them. Dr. Katipally is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Adjunct/Asst. Clinical Prof., and Physician Leader. He has been with one of the top University Health Systems in America for more than a decade and enjoys teaching and mentoring his students from medical school, residency program, and various allied health professional schools. His thriving practice is filled with a diverse group of patients with an array of medical ailments as well as psychiatric and behavioral health problems. His unique teaching and practice style, with a palpable human touch, not only makes him a sound physician but also puts him in high demand by his patients, students, and colleagues. His exceptional skills and resourcefulness have been acknowledged with various awards and recognitions time and again. He has been honored to share the stage with many experts, leaders, and successful speakers at local, national, and international levels in and around the United States.

Today’s complex social dynamics resulting from advanced technology and rapidly changing lifestyles often confuse and mislead us, leaving many to come up short on their intended goals and lead a life of mediocrity. Their actions sabotage their personal identity, and they settle for far less than what they deserve. His infinite interest in the astonishing secrets of human emotions, behavior, attitude, and performance makes him a lifelong student of human psychology and neuroscience. Intrigued by the simple but profound question, “Why do only a few outperform and achieve incredible success despite having similar or worse challenges than others?” Dr. Katipally embarked on a mission to learn, understand, and share the universal laws and timeless principles of success, happiness, and peak performance and help individuals who are still living without a sense of direction, hope, and vision. His latest book, The New Me: A 5-Step Code to Unlock Your True Potential Beyond College — his answer to that question — is a power-house of secrets, tools, and time-tested strategies that can hack into your untapped potential and put you on a line of peak performance in all areas of your life.

Dr. Katipally, a well-respected friend and a gifted speaker, is known for his warm and vibrant presence with an insightful and empowering style. He lives in Texas, and, when not working, he enjoys his quality time with his lovely wife and their two kids.

“You don’t chase success; you attract it, you create it, and you embody it.”

– Dr. Bhoja R. Katipally


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