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Although most often our past predicts our future, I refuse to believe that our future always equals our past. Bear in mind that… it’s what you Think, Feel, and Do today that determines your future or tomorrow.

No matter what part of the world you live in and what stage of your life you are in now, just remember these two words – ‘it’s possible’. What ever you are now you can #DoMore, #HaveMore, and #GetMore as long as you believe that it’s possible, take all the necessary action, and stay in the game through the end.

If you want to know what one individual can do and how he or she can not only change his or her own life but the lives of millions and millions of others around the world just follow these lines. Let me share some of the highly exceptional examples from the pages of history – my source of inspiration that give me all the energy to #GiveMyBest in every game I play – constantly reminding me of what one can do and accomplish in a single lifetime…


See if you can remember the person(s) I depicted in each example:

  • One man #ConqueredTheKnownWorld and left before his 33rd birthday
  • It was one person who mastered more areas of life than anyone else, was regarded as the prime exemplar of the ‘#UniversalGenius’ or ‘#RenaissanceMan’ and his marvelous paintings still mesmerize the world many centuries after they were crafted by the master
  • One man’s curious discovery lead to the world’s first vaccine and his scientific work said to have saved more lives than the work of any other human being in the history of mankind.
  • One individual’s accidental discovery of a chemical that barred the growth of bacteria, Penicillin-G, changed the way we combat the infectious diseases today
  • It was one man’s incessant work, though the massive blood shed that took hundreds of thousands of lives couldn’t be prevented, closed the gap between the races and united the people of America
  • We couldn’t be living the same life today without one man’s obsessed effort that yielded the long-lasting incandescent electric bulb despite his unimaginable number of futile attempts
  • We couldn’t be flying across the oceans or reach the cosmic distances in the way we are doing today without two brothers putting their passion to test and making the world’s first controlled, powered, and sustained heavier-than-air #HumanFlight
  • One man’s, whose name is synonymous with ‘#Genius’, discovery of natures secret encrypted in the #E=MC2 equation transformed the way we study, understand, and apply physics in learning and exploring the mother nature
  • It was one man’s courageous and persistent response with an unprecedented levels of nonviolent civil disobedience put an end to a tyrant ruling of over two centuries and gave freedom to #India; and his principles and #Non-violent approach set a new #Frontier in the entire human history of war and #Fight against oppression
  • It was one man’s core genius, ceaseless commitment, and tremendous passion that lead the people of his country in the times of great depression and total war despite his shockingly undisclosed physical disability that preceded the peak of his political career
  • It was one visionary mind’s dream that started off with a tiny mouse made him the #Pioneer of the concept of world-class amusement park for young and those young at heart
  • Without one man’s #Dream and challenge to put man on moon that ‘one step for a man and one giant leap for mankind’ could have never been achieved before end of that decade
  • One brilliant man’s dream to put a PC on the desk top at every home equipped nearly every home in #America and beyond with a computer turning it impossible to lead one’s life without it
  • One man’s incessant obsession and intolerable styles of leadership converged an array of technologies into a single portable toy that has become more vital than the head-heart-hands of its owners and totally transformed the way they connect, communicate, and live right from their palms
  • It was two brilliant minds’ incredible idea of providing a simple but groundbreaking tool to search and find a targeted item on your computer or database or the World Wide Web totally transformed the way we connect, communicate, and live our lives today
  • Finally, it was one teenager’s crazy #Disruptive attempt to connect individuals and their ideas and interests on the invisible web redefined the social network and pushed it into to the #UncharteredWaters totally transforming the way human race connects and communicates today for the first time since its evolution from apes

My point here is quite simple – know the power of one individual and remember what’s truly possible in a single lifetime and #StepUp for all that potential waiting to be manifested from within you.

Now is the time to ask yourself:

  • What is it that I and only I can do?
  • What difference can I make in the world?
  • Who can I add value to today?
  • What’s the #OneThing I can do today to make all the difference tomorrow?

My book The New [Me]: 5-Step Code to Manifest Your True Potential Beyond College”  is written to achieve that single goal and if it transforms one life through the principles and strategies I shared in it my mission would be accomplished – and, that would be my Massive Success!

P.S. You're not alone here... share your thoughts, comments, and ideas below and connect with others sailing the same waters :-)
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