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New Times Bestselling Author, World renown speaker, America’s #1 Success Coach, 2-time Guinness Book World Records recipient, Co-creato of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul®’ series, Co-author of ‘The Success Principles’, One of the Teachers featured in the movies ‘The Secret’ that transformed the lives of millions around the world, and my mentor… the one-and-only

-: Jack Canfield :- 

“If you want to read just one book this year to take your life to a whole new level and achieve major success, this would be it; Dr. Katipally’s book is a super-pack of success principles organized into a simple, easy-to-follow 5-step process to get you from where you’re now to where you want to go.”  

– Jack Canfield

Co-author of The Success Principles and Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series


“The New Me is a Success Principles book for college students and beyond. The author gives the reader an in depth but easy-to-digest course in leading a fulfilled life-from defining success, entrepreneurial thinking, unlocking your true potential and creating a strategic blue print for your life. The New Me will benefit anyone from college students to retirees because we’re always growing and reinventing. A must read!” 

– Diane DiResta 
Int’l Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Author of Multiple Bestsellers (“Knockout Presentations”) 


“The best advice I received in medical school was to pay myself first. Although this applied to financial success, the notion of paying attention to my hopes and dreams early on is the inherent message of “The New Me.” This smartly crafted book of fatherly advice by Dr. Katipally is chock- full of exercises to continue both personal and professional growth long after school ends.”

Kevin Haselhorst, MD. Emergency Physician, author of the bestselling book “Wishes To Die For”, and a contributing writer for Dr. OZ’s ‘The Good Life’ and the Arizona Republic. His next book is “Advance Care Planning For Caregivers.”


“While this book is primarily targeted for millennials, people of any age will benefit from the thought provoking writings of this multifaceted author.”
– Rachel Shuster
Editor at Tax Foundation and Past NBA editor at USA TODAY, and Sportswriter at Washington Star
(Rachel was the first woman to write a national sports column)
“It’s the best self-development tool I have read so far…” 

– Jayesh Shah, MD 
President, Bexar County Medical Society
President, American College of Hyperbaric Medicine 
Chair, American College of Clinical Wound Specialists
Past Chair, American Medical Association, Int’l Medical Grads Section 

“I think the questions asked in this book are essential and far too often overlooked. They are hard ones that many people avoid facing and this book is a direct challenge to not just confront but think through and overcome the obstacles that stand between you and the resolution of that goal, idea, or dream.”

– David Henry
COO and Co-Founder, Card Isle Corporation


What others are saying…

“This is a great motivational road map for guiding you to the correct turns and landmarks that will mark a successful journey to your destination.”

“This book should be read by every high school student!”

“If you want to achieve massive success beyond your college, you gotta read this book.”

“One value of this book is you can pick virtually any one sub-topic to read in one sitting and get jazzed to go out and cross off that one stubbornly resistant task on your to-do list.”

“If you want to know a friend who touches your heart and a teacher who sparks your mind, meet Dr. Katipally!”

“There are very intensive mini-tests to take that will spark your imagination.”