What is it?

This is a deep conversation between you (reader) and your virtual-coach (author) that will introduce you to the core principles and universal laws of success, happiness, and peak performance.

This simple, yet powerful life-enhancing tool:

  • Unlocks your un-tapped potential
  • Puts you on a line of peak-performance
  • Separates you from average,
  • Joins you the school of high-achievers, and
  • Launches your Best-self, your NEW ME!

Who is it for?

  • Young adults/ Millennials
    • Fresh Graduates/ Joined the Workforce/ Looking for a Leap in Career
    • Awaiting Breakthrough in life
    • Unleash the best-life ever
    • Awaken the True Potential
  • Parent of above
  • Teachers/ Coaches/ Mentor/Advisors of above
  • Leaders/Decision Makers of the Institutions/ Training Centers
  • Librarians/ Book Keepers
  • Anyone, who is Student of Life-long Learning

A Life-time Gift for…

  • Fresh/ To-be Graduates
  • Someone just kicked-off his/her career
  • A Passionate individual looking for a direction to realize him/her life’s biggest Break-through
  • A Friend or a Loved one that you care about that you like him/her to show the world his/her best version

Why Dr. Katipally?

  • If you’re looking for a friend who touches your heart and a teacher who sparks your mind – meet Dr. Katipally
  • Knows the Way, Shows the Way, and Walks the Way
  • Been there and Done that!

What this book can offer?

  • Takes you from the Information Overload to Information Mastery
  • Takes you from Directions to Navigation
  • Take you from Self-control and Self-management to Self-Mastery
  • Cuts the Clutter, Eliminates the Noise, and brings Order to the Chaos
  • Go from Teaching to Coaching and Mentoring
  • Fountain of Hope, Courage, and Confidence
  • Treasure-house of Inspiration, Motivation, and Empowerment
  • Equips you with the Powerful Strategic Tools and Techniques
  • Introduces you to an end-less community of smart, diligent, passionate winners/ aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-achievers

How it can accelerate your growth and unlocks your full potential?

  • Shifts your Direction from a life of Mediocrity to that of Achievement and Success
  • Shortens your Learning-curve
  • Releases your from what’s holding you back
  • Instills the common sense laws and principles of success into your daily life
  • Helps you manifest your best-self, your NEW ME in 5-simple steps